Wednesday, July 09, 2003

TVB's new show "Mo Ming Tin Si 3D" (Nameless Angels 3D) stars Sonija Kwok, Charmaine Sheh and Shirley Yeung and as the Chinese saying goes "Three Ladies make a Market" the rumours are rife with reports that Shirley has more scenes than the others and although Sonija and Charmaine weren't getting on to start with, they have now joined forces to leave out Shirley. At the blessing ceremony yesterday, some reporters saw Shirley and Charmaine in make up and when Shirley turned round to say hello to her, Charmaine turned away to ignore her, and then later when Shirley picked up her make-up bag, she didn't look at Charmaine at all.

When Charmaine was asked if she was friendlier with Sonija, she instantly replied with a frown: "What do you want now?" Laughing and joking with Sonija and leaving out Shirley? She says that she has not been cold to Shirley and they do have topics of conversation, but recently she has been working more closely with Shirley and hasn't seen Sonija for a while so when she has a chance to meet, they catch up with each other straight away. As for Shirley, she doesn't feel like she is being left out, saying: "We had already said hello to each other earlier when we arrived in make-up, you just came late so you didn't see it!" So did Charmaine take notice of you? She replies: "Yes, she did!" Also, Sonija admits that she has worked with Charmaine before so they have got to know each other and as yet they have not filmed any scenes with the three of them together so she hopes that with more co-operation later then they will have more to talk about.

Diamond Jewellery worth HK$3,000,000 was provided by a sponsor and three sets were selected especially for the three girls, including Shirley's worth HK$360,000, Charmaine's worth HK$280,000 and Sonija's the cheapest at HK$240,000. All three said that they didn't know the cost of the jewellery and aren't bothered by it because the more expensive it is, the more worried they are about losing it and they have to return it after filming anyway!


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