Tuesday, July 08, 2003

TVB's new show "Lut Ching San Yan Wong" (Survivor's Law) will be airing after "Wai See Lei" (The W Files) and yesterday a group of stars took part in the promotion at Tuen Mun Plaza. Both Raymond Lam and Juno Mak's fans had their own plans to show their support for their idols with Raymond's fans waving placards showing "Fung" (Ray's Chinese Name) and Juno's waving the word "Leng" (beautiful) - both creating some atmosphere with their cries.

When it was mentioned to Raymond that his fans are as numerous as Juno's he says: "Don't say that! I didn't even realise there were that many, even with the "Fung" flags, I was so surprised!" On the other hand, Juno didn't feel that there were that many fans, but maybe because exams are over and the summer break has started so there are probably more people out and about. As for the "Leng" signs, he explains: "My character in the show is called Ma Ching Geen [Chinese character for Ching and Geen written together form the character Leng], maybe they have seen the promo clips so they have made this card."

This is Juno's first TV serial and he admits he is quite nervous about it because his character is golden-haired and a tearaway, so he daren't watch it. Female lead Myolie Wu indicates that she has faith in the attraction of Raymond and Juno. Juno says: "She is putting pressure on my by saying that, I feel a bit embarrassed! In fact, she is experienced and talented, she is the one who is leading the way!" Earlier rumours that Juno and Raymond were fighting over who would sing the title music to the show, but producer Leung Ka Shu points out that the decision for Raymond to sing it was made a long time ago and there was never any fight.


Nnadia Chan was filming for a music video for her new song "Sang Ming Tin Si" (Angel of Life) together with a four-year old co-star Ah Bao, dressed exactly the same as Nnadia. She praised Ah Bao, saying she was very good and looks just like herself when she was young with bushy eyebrows and big eyes, laughing that she could be her secret child. During filming, Nnadia kept reminding Ah Bao not to reveal herself, but she was so concerned about looking after Ah Bao that she nearly ended up revealing herself!

Nnadia was wearing a white dress and before filming, she lost herself playing with the little girl. Earlier Nnadia had gone to the toy shop to buy a little present and teddy bear for her. She says: "It's like I am half a mother for her, someone told me to adopt her as god-daughter, I'd quite like to. (Have you thought about having a baby of your own?) Only if the baby is as cute as Ah Bao, she really is very good, like me when I was young, very quiet." Nnadia suddenly felt very maternal around Ah Bao, helping her with make up and praising her performance.


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