Sunday, July 27, 2003

TVB's new show "Luen Ngoi Jee Yau Sik" (Aqua Heroes) will begin airing tonight and Edwin Siu, Bobo Chan, Theresa and Stephy were among the group of cast members who were at a promotional event at Sai Kung's outdoor training camp. They were split into two groups to play games that included climbing a high wall and a human ladder. The team led by Bobo Chan lost and were subjected to a big punishment that was a soaking from the other team. Eventually it became a mutual soaking for them all and only Leila Tong ran fast enough to avoid getting wet.

Edwin went on to throw a bucket of water over Stephy and when he was asked whether the group of girls would go mad at him, he said: "No, we always play like this, throwing people in the water and if everyone's happy then it's ok." He says that the cast often go out to eat together but there have been no single dates, because he feels it is more fun in a big group. Earlier he mentioned that if the ratings hit 42 points he will wear a T-back and he said that as they were so happy then he definitely would. As for Stephy, she seemed very afraid when they climbed the wall, but she says she was only afraid that she is not strong enough and as she has a bit of a cold she is worried that the soaking will make her ill. Stephy was totally soaked, as was Theresa who was still nursing her leg injury, but still laughed as she said that in this show they were always getting picked on by the guys and were helpless against them.


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