Tuesday, July 22, 2003

TVB's Chairman Sir Run Run Shaw and Deputy Chairman Ms Fong Yat Wah together with Enterprise Managing Director Ho Ding Kwan and other directors held a Director's meeting at TV City yesterday. When Mr Ho was asked whether the subject of the ICAC's operation will be reported to Sir Run Run, he replied: "A lot of things will be discussed."

The meeting began at 2pm and ended at 4pm and Mr Ho and his entourage returned to Broadcast City and when chased for a comment, he said: "We cannot reveal the details of the meeting." What response does Sir Run Run have to the incident? At first he didn't seem to want to comment, then upon further pressure, he said "Just a normal response, like my response to you." When asked whether he was unhappy because of this, he replied: "No, it has happened, we can only wait for the result." No new decisions were made after yesterday's meeting, the three executives involved Ho Lai Chuen, Chan Ka Lun and Tsang Kwok Keung are on leave, but he couldn't remember for how long because this is not in his hands.


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