Tuesday, July 29, 2003

A TVB director and the enterprise managing director Ho Ding Kwan announced on the day of Cable TV Entertainment News Channel's opening day that they will be dealing strictly with any of their contracted singers appearing on other television stations. Those who break their contract will have it terminated. This news caused many singers to decline interview requests from any other visual media other than TVB and when faced with allegations that this is totally biased against Cable, Mr Ho points out they are not targetting any company in particular. He says: "You cannot say we are targetting them, contracts are constantly being revised and in the past we could accept artistes giving interviews in Mandarin, but it cannot be abused and they are doing this locally so it needs to be restricted."

As for artistes appearing in "Road Show", Mr Ho says that if this is in advertisement form then it is okay, but the details will need to be passed to the lawyers to deal with and he emphasises that they should keep with the spirit of the contract. As for Aaron Kwok being interviewed by Cable, Mr Ho says that they need to check whether Aaron is currently contracted. TVB will not force singers to sign with them as this is their freedom, but if they break the rules then this will be passed to the production department to deal with. As for artistes who think that appearing on more media sources to raise their profile, TVB thinks that the current promotional channels are already sufficient.

EEG's artiste section chief Mani Fok reacts to TVB's revision of their contract conditions by saying: "EEG's singers are all contracted to TVB and if TVB has this decision then we will respect this and co-operate by making the necessary arrangements." Although some of their artistes have appeared speaking in Mandarin on Cable's promotional films, Mani is not worried that TVB will be following up on this.


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