Friday, July 11, 2003

Tiffany Lam, Wong He and Myolie Wu took part in the blessing ceremony for their new show "Jui Wan Gau Yik" (Trading Souls). Tiffany revealed that she will have plenty of kiss scenes with Wong He. With her little acting experience to date, she told of her embarrassing moments, saying that the first time she kissed with Wong He, she felt very awkward, so much so that her face went red, the story tells of how her character seduces Ah He, but because she was so nervous that she had to NG (retake) three times and only completing it after some instruction from him.

Apart from this, Tiffany's first screen kiss was that given to Ah He in this show, when Ah He heard this, he laughed cheekily: "Really! I forgot to give her a lucky packet, I'll make it up to her later!" As for Tiffany's nervousness whilst filming, Wong He says: "Maybe it is because she was Miss Hong Kong, she feels a little reserved about steamy scenes, but overall she has already improved massively."

Myolie says that for the sake of this show, she had earlier had explosive hair extensions put in, but it gave the impression that she hadn't washed her hair for a long time, often with colleagues asking her how long since she last washed it. Myolie laughs: "I can wash my hair, and there are no flies buzzing around!"


[Oriental Daily]
Myolie Wu hopes that this show will soon be finished because her character needs hair extensions and she is constantly being teased for being "dirty", asking her if she has washed her hair and whether there are flies buzzing around her head, making her very frustrated and insisting that she washes her hair every day and she has no flies around her, but she says that after getting her extensions, she has learned to see the real faces behind people.

After this show, Myolie reveals she will be doing some shows in New York and as she has never been to America, she feels particularly happy and will combine work with leisure. Although this year is supposed to be unlucky for her horoscope, she still has a lot of work and opportunities, so her luck doesn't seem to have been affected.


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