Tuesday, July 29, 2003

This year's president of the Wai Yin Association, Anne Heung appeared with Lam Kei Yan and other members at Hong Kong Baptist University's "Super Summer 2003" activity yesterday visiting some children. Having taken over the position in June, Anne doesn't know how if she can manage it because of her filming , but she hopes she will do her best. Is she worried about any rumours? Anne says that she is not worried about this because she has worked well for three years as a member and any arguments are in the best interests of the society.

When asked about Miss Pak's comments about beauty contests being rigged, Anne doesn't agree, because all the judges each year are well known members of society and she laughs: "If they are being controlled that would be very degrading!". In the past she has also been the judge for Miss Photogenic award and she was very fair in her scoring, together with the auditors checking the results before checking them with the judges to offer any comments, she believes there is nothing untowrard happening. Miss Pak didn't name any names, but Anne feels that the innocent know this and she will not listen to any hints dropped because the audience can make their own minds up.

Lam Kei Yan reveals that earlier she has invested in a vegetarian restaurant and after opening everything has gone well and in just a month, the business is already very steady, she hopes she will start to make some money soon. After becoming the boss, she has treated some of her "meat-eating friends" to her shop to try out the vegetarian dishes there.


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