Wednesday, July 02, 2003

There have been some reports recently that Steven Ma and Moses Chan have been fighting over Maggie Cheung, Steven responded yesterday saying: "Don't be silly, it's obvious whether it is true or not. (But you've wooed all the girls in TVB!) You must be wrong there!" He indicates that he and Maggie are the best of friends and he has marked his borders clearly that they will only have friendship between them. Steven also says that it is very difficult to find real friends in showbiz, however Maggie is very faithful and they can have a good chat. He goes on to say that the only great female artistes in the industry are Maggie and Joyce Coi. He laughs that he has become very afraid of rumours, especially these four-character stories: "Four people involved in rumours, like playing Mah Jong, but don't even involve me for that because I don't know how to play."

When asked about his earlier panic attack that took him into hospital and causing him to miss the promotional event and the problems that arose after this, Steven says: "Siu Ching has already explained this misunderstanding on my behalf. (Now they are saying it was someone else she was referring to.) They try to regain my innocence every time." He says that Siu Ching looks after him a lot and treats him like a little brother. Apart from the panic attack, Steven says that one of the bones in his spine is sticking out and this is causing his right arm to go numb when he sleeps, possibly due to a trapped nerve, he hopes that he can treat it soon.


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