Saturday, July 05, 2003

There are many voices against Article 23 and in the demonstration rally on 1st July, there were over 500,000 citizens taking part, with calls for another protest surrounding the legislative council buildings on the 9th, whilst the government has announced that it will be revising three of the laws within the article. When Nancy Sit heard about this news yesterday, she feels that the government is already giving way so she hopes that the citizens will not be too hasty.

Nancy Sit appeared together with fellow "TVB Children's Ambassadors" Edwin Siu and Annie Man at Shatin New City Plaza's TVB Children's Festival promotion to play games and have fun with the kids. Nancy's image is healthy and is a mother, so there are many promotions where she is asked to take part, so she has been busy. Like yesterday, she had 12 jobs: first filming for "Virtues of Harmony II" then appearing at the children's promo and also at a voter's promotional event, before even more work after that.

Although she is so busy, Nancy still keeps an eye on the news. She was asked by reporters about the news of the planned rally on 9th July, in response she says she does not agree with this move because from the news, Tung Chee Wah has already suggested that they will be revising three of the terms in Article 23 and as the government has already made a great compromise, then citizens should be less hasty and not be used by those with an ulterior motive, she also hopes that the government will understand them. Nancy says that she did not take part in the "7-1 March" but she admires the unity of the Hong Kong people and the show of restraint and order in the marches, because if this took place in other countries, it would have resulted in disorder. She feels that the hard work of the people and hopes that what they do will gain something for the next generation.


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