Monday, July 14, 2003

Steven Ma took part in a fans event for his fourth autograph event, but the response from fans was as warm as ever and several hundred people crowded around to watch. Steven mentioned that he felt a little awkward because his new show "Gam Pai Bing Yan" (Better Halves) is currently airing, but he is singing songs from "Dai Nui Fa" (Perish in the Name of Love), however people are still very supportive. He will be releasing an album on 23rd called "Steven Ma - My Theme Songs" that is a collection of all Steven's theme songs from his ancient dramas. He also revealed that he will shortly be travelling to Tianjun and Hangzhou to do more promotion for a few days and that he is happy his popularity has spread so far into the mainland.

During the performance, Steven shook hands with the fans but one was frowning as they handed over a present. Steven explains this was because he didn't shake hands with the other side of the group. Steven was quizzed about why another fan was almost in tears as he spoke to her and he explains that this fan was really nice and had originally wanted to design a logo for him to put on an unofficial website and t-shirts but she was afraid he wouldn't like it so she felt a bit stressed. Steven says he is in favour of fans making websites because you can learn a lot from the process, but if it is too stressful and time-consuming then he says not to continue because being happy is more important.

Does he worry that his fans will do something excessive? Steven says has no concerns because he once scolded a fan for 15 minutes after doing something silly and he feels his fans are quite innocent. About Aaron Kwok's earlier promise to fans that he will not lose his virginity before he is 30, will Steven make the same pledge not to lose his virginity before he is 40? Steven laughs: "That means I will need to go to Shaolin!"


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