Monday, July 28, 2003

Steven Ma opened his new branch of his publishing business after the success of Kinston Publications and his first two books in the "Steven Ma True Tales of Society" range. Soon he will be appearing at the Hong Kong Book Exposition in a capacity as a publisher as well as an artiste. Yesterday, Steven appeared with two of his newly published authors Yiu Chi Hong and Ngan Yin Man to perform a miniature lion dance and pork blessing ceremony and announcing that at this year's Book Fair, the distributors have offered him a stall free of charge to promote a total of five books and as the annual fair opened today, he will be doing a book signing for an hour after it opens.

When Steven first set up his publishing house, he was met with many problems with everyone asking why he was throwing away his money. Now, his first print of his latest book numbering 2000 copies has been sold out and a second print run has been offered, providing him with enough profit to publish another book, as a publisher he sees this as a great achievement. He says: "I feel that being a publisher is better than being an artiste, however I will continue to be an artiste as I have already accepted a lot of work, but I will gradually put more time over to my publishing. When people call me chief, I am very excited because I never thought I would ever become a publishing chief together with the identity of an artiste, this really is an interesting feeling."

Steven was then asked whether he was not optimistic about his future as an artiste, he points out: "I am absolutely optimistic, 'Gam Pai Bing Yan' (Better Halves)'s finale reached an average of 33 points peaking at 41 points and this result made me feel very motivated; also I have just released a new compilation album for a week and together with the earlier 'New Princess Flower' the results are not bad. (What is happening about the copyright with that?) There is no problem, all my albums are passed through CASH to be OK'ed before I use the songs."

In order to prepare for his next book, Steven will be spending the next few days with the Youth Aid charity workers and ministers to go down to the city to meet some young people living life 'on the edge' to find out more about them, he says that he is very excited about this and he will be appearing in a skater look in order to communicate with them better.


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