Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Steven Ma has been going against the markets, in a low for the record industry at the moment, in the past three months, he has released three albums in both Hong Kong and China, including "New Princess Flower", the Mandarin album "Romantic Holiday" and in order to coincide with the airing of "Gam Pai Bing Yan" (Better Halves) his new compilation due out on 23rd called "My Theme Songs".

The "New Princess Flower" album has brought Steven an award for the 'Best Adapted Song Performance' from the Guangzhou TV station. Earlier, Steven travelled up to Guangzhou to receive his award and the Guangzhou fans created a special group to wave his banner and calling out "Steven Ma", making him very happy.

As for the award this time, Steven is very happy and as well as thanking the awarding party, he expressed his gratitude that after so many years in the industry he has finally gained the recognition of fans in both China and Hong Kong. He is also very grateful to all his musical predecessors and friends for their support.


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