Saturday, July 05, 2003

Steven Ma appeared in his capacity as "Ambassador of Reading" at an awards ceremony for high school students yesterday. As ambassador, what perspectives can he offer on reading books? Steven says candidly that he loves reading, especially books on philosophy and he feels that there are different levels of reading so you shouldn't force yourself to read books that aren't suited to you, the most important thing is to read what you want to. He feels that some books should not be read, laughingly suggesting pornographic books and also mentioning books that teach about hurting yourself and others such as the banned Japanese book "The Complete Guide to Suicide" should not be read.

When asked if he has been curious in leafing through these books, Steven says that he won't because just seeing these books create a negative response from him and he wants to just rip them up! As for whether he will read books to ease stress, he says he doesn't need to as long as he doesn't read the magazines.


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