Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Stephen Au and Eddie Ng were filming for TVB's special celebration of Bruce Lee, to mark the 30th Anniversary of his death that will be aired on 19th July. Stephen says that he will always remember the date of 20th July, because this is the date of Bruce Lee's death. He says that he gave an interview earlier when she criticised the government for not having any events to mark Bruce Lee's memorial and straight away he received two phone calls from government departments asking him for suggestions as to what they should do. He says that he thinks that the government is very reactive about it. When asked whether he wants the government to open a Bruce Lee Museum, he says: "No, I don't want it to turn into a temple, the government don't know Bruce Lee, I am not underestimating them but I just know what they are like." He reveals that he will be working with Mimi Lo in a musical called "Sai Fung" at the end of the year, named after Bruce Lee's nickname.

Eddie Ng thinks that Bruce Lee is the greatest idol of all Chinese people and he sung two songs to remember him by. Eddie has recently moved house, getting bigger each time, he was asked if he has saved a room for his girlfriend, he says: "There aren't enough rooms, I will save her the servants room, just joking!"


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