Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Square Pegs builds on success with a sequel
Ah Wong and Myolie Wu - two innocents with a spark!

Roger Kwok appeared at the beginning of the year in TVB's "Ngong Fu Sing Lung" (Square Pegs) and as well as breaking TVB's ratings records, he also raised his own popularity with Ah Wong. Recently, TVB has decided to film a sequel to "Square Pegs" next year and as well as the original cast, they are considering introducing Myolie Wu, who portrayed a successful mentally impaired role in "Lau Gam Sui Yuet" (Golden Faith) who will play a little sister in the sequal, creating many laughs with Ah Wong.

"Square Pegs" starring Roger Kwok, Jessica Hsuan and Winnie Yeung broke records when it was aired at the beginning of this year and the finale attracted average ratings of 41 points, ie 2.76 million viewers and the last episode peaking at 47 points (3.03 million viewers). Leading male star Roger Kwok's popularity soared with his role as "Ah Wong", bringing him many opportunities to do stage appearances and advertisements. Due to the constant calls from the audiences to film "Square Pegs 2" TVB have bowed to these requests and will start filming this next year.

The sequel will have the original cast present, but in addition there are reports that TVB will be adding a fresh feeling to the show and are considering introducing the recently upcoming relative newcomer Myolie Wu who received good feedback from her portrayal as the mentally handicapped girl in "Golden Faith". Recently she has taken the lead role in new show "Lut Ching San Yan Wong" (Survivor's Law) that has gained her more positive feedback from the viewers since its airing, so TVB are considering introducing her as a little sister who battles against Jessica and Winnie to gain the affections of Ah Wong. However, "Square Pegs 2" is currently still in the planning stages and it has still not been confirmed how the story will develop or who will end up with who.

TVB's Production Chief Tommy Leung Ka Shu said in a recent interview: "I have discussed with the producer about filming a sequel and as well as the original cast, other characters have not yet been formulated so I don't want to say too much just yet, however I felt that Myolie Wu did very well in "Survivors Law"." As for "Square Pegs" producer Wong Wai Sing, he said in a telephone interview: "Tommy has already mentioned about a sequel, but I don't know how to arrange Ah Wong yet. If we introduce Myolie as well, there will be two playful characters and I feel this is an idea, but nothing is more important than sorting out the plot first." When the reporters called "Ah Wong" Roger Kwok and mentioned that the company is interested in filming "Square Pegs 2" he said: "It is a good thing, that means I can negotiate a pay rise with the company! However, in the story last time he has already turned smart again, I don't know how they will arrange the next story. I would suggest the company does some market research and let the audience think up some ideas and suggestions, I hope that if the team get together again to make a sequel, there will be no pressure otherwise it will be very hard work. Since being in showbiz, I have never played an iconic character, so I am really happy. If Myolie really does have a part in this new show with me as a couple, I feel it would give a very new feeling, the best thing would be for Jessica to be my first wife and her to be my second wife, that would be better than winning the lottery! What a life that would be!"

As for Myolie she is very happy at being praised by a TVB executive as she said on the phone: "Is that true? If I have a chance to perform with Ah Wong I would be very happy indeed, I think it would be very challenging but I don't know if they really do have a part for me!" As for Jessica and Winnie, the both welcome a sequel for "Square Pegs" but they both feel that the audience will have very high expectations for this show and that this will put intense pressure on the cast and crew.

Interviews by Chu Chi Ying, Bei Wah Lei and Chan Yuet Mei [Apple Daily]

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