Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Some Kenix news requested by Tammy...

[Oriental Daily 25/07/03]

Having been in showbiz for a good many years, Kenix Kwok has had a good relationship with her viewers and has gained the support of a big group of fans. In order to thank them for their support, no matter how busy she is with her work, every year she will take time out to spend time with her fan club. A little while ago, Kenix too advantage of the beginning of the summer holidays and invited fifty of her fans, including some from Japan, Taiwan, America and Singapore to a party where they played games and fulfilling a wish of many of her fans to perform a scene from a show with the winner of the games, bringing the atmosphere to a climax.

Kenix fell in love with a T-shirt presented to her by her Japanese fans that had her image on it and she said happily: "Some of my fans have been behind me for seven or eight years so no matter how tired I am when I get home, I will go to their websites that they have made for me and see what they are talking about, with this group of people supporting me for so long, I am genuinely so touched."

Later, Kenix will be working together with Bobby Au-Yeung and Michael Tao in new show "Ching Chu Yu Nam" (From Blue Grows Green) and responding to Michael's return to TVB and another co-operation with her, Kenix can't help smiling as she says: "Of course he has to work with me for his first show upon his return, it has been seven years since I worked with Michael on "Ying See Jing Chap Dong On" (Detective Investigation Files), so you could call this the seven year itch!"


[The Sun 16/7/03]

Accompanied by boyfriend Frankie Lam, Kenix Kwok arrived at Yeung Wo Hospital to undergo corrective eye surgery to be performed by the rumoured boyfriend of Michelle Reis, Dr Cheung Shuk Ming. At about 1pm, Kenix was seen walking from the hospital with Frankie wearing an eye patch. When she was asked why she was at the hospital, she explained that she has about 200 degrees of astigmatism that is affecting her vision when reading her scripts. Wearing glasses would have been okay, but for the sake of convenience, she decided to have the surgery to correct it whilst she has some time on her hands. She says: "Although this operation is being sponsored, I feel that vision is very important so I intentionally came to see Dr Cheung for the surgery."

In fact for this operation, boyfriend Frankie Lam is even more nervous than her, not only asking about how dangerous the procedure is, but also under the permission of the surgeon, accompanying her in the operation itself, showing his care for her. Kenix smiles: "When he found out that after the operation I was temporarily unable to open my eyes, then even though he had to rush to work, he laid out some food, some water and some other things at my bedside and kept on calling me. I was quite touched!" When she was asked if she saw another side to her boyfriend after the operation, she said: "Seeing your boyfriend is not done with your eyes, it is done with the heart, fixing my eyes will only make the world clearer."


[The Sun 25/07/03]

After undergoing laser eye surgery, Kenix Kwok has been resting at home until she starts work again next month. During this time, she has also been learning Latin Dancing to upskill herself, but this is causing some jealousy with her boyfriend. After her surgery, Kenix said as she returned to the hospital for a check-up: "The doctor says that it is all going well and my eyesight will be back to normal within a month." Although the doctor has instructed her to protect her eyes and not to get them wet, Kenix is often very absent minded and made mistakes: "I can't help it when I am showering to splash myself getting my face all wet. Luckily my eyes are okay, just a bit of a fright."

With her recent spate of spare time, Kenix has been learning Mandarin, English, piano and Latin dancing, but in her dance lessons, this has caused some jealousy in her boyfriend Frankie Lam: "Because when Michael Tse heard that I wanted to learn Latin dancing, he immediately said to Frankie that it is very steamy because you have to slip your thighs between the other person's legs and you have to be very close to the teacher, scaring Frankie so much that he immediately told me to stop learning it!" In order to put his mind to rest, Kenix went along with his wishes and changed her dance steps: "Just using facial expressions to show the flirtation is enough to be very seductive. (Are you not afraid you will get too far into character and seduce your teacher?) No, the teacher is very experienced so it won't happen."

Kenix will be starting work on her new show next month where she will play a teacher along with Michael Tao and Bobby Au Yeung will be the headmaster, she will be the object of both of their desires, Kenix says: "I guess from appearances I would be more matched to Michael, but they are both great guys and filming should be great fun."


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