Sunday, July 20, 2003

"Small Waisted Demon" Charmaine Sheh is an expert at attracting men and this time her target is a high one, not young at 53 years of age but still bursting with charisma, she is after the middle aged Shek Sau. In order to reach her goal in one, she starts by wearing a low V-necked dress, then she reveals the imprint of her underwear to seduce him, how can the father-figure resist her charms?

Last Friday (11th July) around 8pm, the couple was spotted in the Central Soho area and they seemed to be getting on very well. Shek Sau was looking after her very well and following her in and out. First he took her to a flower shop and Charmaine revealed a very extravagant dress that captured everyone's attention, looking beautiful and elegant, matching well with the maturity of her partner. The couple were later spotted in the Happy Valley area, seeming to have spent the evening together as Shek Sau dropped her off and they looked very happy together. Looking from afar, they seemed like a couple very much in love as Shek Sau took an opportunity in the flower shop to place his hand around her waist.

Upon closer inspection, it became clear that Charmaine and Shek Sau were working late whilst filming TVB's new show. They filmed two scenes that evening, taking six hours, no wonder many people find making TV series such an ordeal. Halfway through the filming, the stars were approached by a bunch of fans seeking autographs causing a small commotion.

Sonija is no weaker than Charmaine when it comes to attracting the guys as she filmed a scene with Patrick Tam.

(Report Summarised)


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