Sunday, July 27, 2003

[Sing Tao News]

Reports indicate that TVB have revised some of the terms of their contracts for musical artistes to reduce the incidents of them doing interviews for other television stations and the conflict is directly with Cable's new entertainment channel that is due to start broadcasting tomorrow. However Candy Lo says that the regulations are too harsh and she may not be signing to it.

A large majority of singers in the HK music industry have a music artiste's contract with TVB and within this, there is a limitation that prevents them from giving Cantonese interviews to other TV stations in Hong Kong, however many such artistes have taken to legal loophole of giving these interviews in Mandarin and as the situation is becoming more and more serious, there are reports that TVB will be revising its contracts. This will have a direct influence on the opening of Cable's new entertainment channel, where a number of singers appeared at a promotional event yesterday and they requested interviews with many of them, but in the case of Jade Kwan, she asked if they could remove the Cable label from the microphone before they continued.

Also, it appears that many music artistes, including Edmond Leung, Ho Wan Sze, Shine, Mini Cookies and Yumiko all say that they are not really very clear about it all, the contents of the contract and even the length of the contract and simply follow instructions given by the company; only Candy Lo has the fearless vigour to say that she doesn't want the market to be controlled like this and she will consider not signing if the conditions are too unreasonable.

Candy says she has only renewed her contract with TVB two months ago and the conditions were the same as before, but she feels that the more media contact that a singer has the better and she hopes that the company will not monopolise the market and offer their artistes more opportunities. If TVB changes the terms, will Candy accept them? "Maybe, who knows? I am not against them, but I will have to see what they want to change and think about them carefully. If I don't sign again then maybe you will no longer see Candy Lo in the quarterly awards ceremonies any more. However this is all theoretical because as long as the changes are not too restrictive then I will accept them."

Some reports allege that the touchpaper to this incident was Alan Tam who appeared at the Cable TV promotions, but Bobo Chan says that this is because Alan is not contracted to TVB so is not under thir jurisdiction and this is nothing to do with him. Edmond So mentions that two months ago, the company has already warned artistes to be careful when dealing with other TV stations interviews.


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