Wednesday, July 23, 2003

[Sing Tao News]
Charmaine buys furniture for her love nest?

Rumours are rife that Charmaine has moved out of her hideaway in Sai Kung to lively North Point to be in the same apartment block as rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan and on a break from filming, she went shopping for some crystal light fittings - for her new home maybe?

Charmaine explained the move was for safety reasons and because she liked the sea view there. She insists this was nothing to do with Benny.

For the sake of her new home, Charmaine has put a lot of efforts in, especially as her recent filming for "Mo Ming Tin See 3D" (Nameless Angels 3D) has left her with even less spare time than ever. However she took advantage of the time in between filming in Central to go and look around the shops, where she fell in love with a crystal light fitting but couldn't make her mind up and in the end didn't buy it even though the sales assistant took it on board to introduce the light and other designs to her. Not long later she checked the time and she was due back on set with Patrick Tam to film a chase scene.

Did Charmaine have to ask for Benny's opinion about buying the lamp?

(report summarised)


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