Saturday, July 12, 2003

[Sing Tao Daily News]
With three Miss HK's working together on TVB's new show "Nameless Angels 3D", the filming is well underway and they were filming earlier in Central district, when they were hassled by some drunken Westerners, causing a rather embarrassing scene.

Starring Sonija Kwok, Charmaine Sheh and Shirley Yeung, as well as plenty of fighting scenes, another selling point is that they are all very beautiful girls and although it is the height of summer heat, the three girls still work hard fighting and filming out on location, but not showing any strain.

At around 10pm during filming the other night, the three girls and Stephen Au appeared to do a scene opposite Sogo in Central. Because of continual NG's (retakes) the four had to run up the sloping road a few times and because there were pretty girls present, they attracted quite a crowd. Suddenly, during filming, a few foreign drunken men passed by and one of them turned to the girls and said: "I love you! You have beautiful eyes, I can't believe it!" Standing nearest to him was Sonija wearing a white top and maybe it was because she felt he was praising her, she suddenly smiled very happily.

With rumours rife that Sonija and Charmaine not getting on with Shirley, it is unbelievable that it appears that Stephen Au doesn't seem to think much of her either. When the cast and crew all packed up at 11pm, Shirley stepped into the van to get changed straight away and on the way out, she bumped into Stephen, to whom she called out: "Bye Bye!" however he took no notice of her and walked straight onto the van, causing Shirley to walk away rather aghast.


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