Sunday, July 27, 2003

[Sing Tao Daily News]

Of the Miss Hong Kong contestants, number 3 Shui Ming Lo, number 5 Yip Yat Yi, number 13 Chim Tak Ching, number 14 Tang Yuen Wai and number 20 Chik Doi Doi form the singing talent group and in yesterday's rehearsal they were accompanied by famous Pipa performer and pianist Suen Wing, who also offered them some valuable instruction.

The contest has required that each of the girls select one of Teresa Teng's famous songs to perform before they all join together for "Man Po Yan Sang Lo" (Walking gently through the path of life). It appears that of the five, number 20 Chik Doi Doi who once took part in the New Talent singing contest but didn't win is the best performer; number 3 Shui Ming Lo seemed a little nervous whilst performing and number 13 Chim Tak Ching seemed a little out of tune. Chik Doi Doi will be performing "Chin Yin Man Yu" (Thousands of words). When asked whether her experience of entering the singing competition helped her perform, she replied modestly: "You are all just too kind! Actually everyone is singing very well and we are all about the same so we are sent into this group and we all often get together to go to Karaoke to learn how to use our voices."

So what did tutor Suen Wing think of the five's performances? She says: "All five have a very even quality and they all did very well. (Did you not think number 13 was a little out of tune?) When she sang "Tim Mat Mat" (Sweet as Honey) she didn't choose the right key so all we have to do is take the key a little higher and she will not have the same difficulty." Suen Wing also suggested that when the contestants perform Teresa's songs they need to add some feelings in to create a better effect.


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