Wednesday, July 30, 2003

[Sing Tao Daily News]

Having been dubbed "Adopted Son of TVB", Hacken Lee supports them all the way when it comes to the company's recent tightening of singer contract conditions, saying that if singers aren't happy with it then they can just not sigh, but he has pledged his allegiance to TVB for life!

Hacken openly shows his feelings for TVB by saying: "The blood that flows in my body is TVB blood, it's red and sometimes blue and green, my TV at home is fixed on TVB, if TVB want me I would be happy to sign to them for life! Anyway, TVB's new terms are mainly to combat local TV stations where there is only ATV and Cable and just by looking at the ratings points, you should know to sign to TVB!"

Hacken appered yesterday at the signing of TVB's contract to air the FA Cup and as for Real Madrid's Charity Ball causing a big scramble for tickets, Hacken says: "I would rather be a commoner and watch it on the TV, for the two matches on the 2nd and 8th in Beijing and Hong Kong I will be hosting it."

Sports host Lam Sheung Yi openly announced that the Hong Kong team was not in with a chance at all, Hacken agrees: "Not having a chance is a truth, but to have the chance to play Real Madrid is a dream come true in itself for many of the players."


Jojo Cho will be appearing at the arts centre on 10th August to take part in a Theresa Teng memorial charity performance and Jojo who has played Theresa in the past will be appearing in a different guise. She will be the lady on the moon Sheung Ngo and tell the story of Theresa's life through the legend. This time, Jojo has also personally choreographed the dances and she says that the performance was originally planned for May but it was postponed because of the SARS crisis; however she still went up to the mainland to seek the help of some professional choreographers. Jojo will not be paid anything for this performance because all the proceeds will be donated to the Community Chest. She laughs that she will have to pay for the costumes herself, but despite being out of pocket, she doesn't mind because Theresa Teng was her idol.


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