Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Since the revelation of the news that Liu Kai Chi's youngest son Lok Jai has developed leukaemia, there has been much concern from all sides. Yesterday, Uncle Chi was filming for "Fan Li Fa" at Broadcast City when he bumped into Nancy Sit in the make up room and they immediately phoned into the radio station to do a telephone interview. When talking about his son's condition, Uncle Chi seemed very strong, but Nancy couldn't hold back her own emotion and ended up crying. She said: "Only a parent can know this feeling, even a small fever can cause a lot of anxiety never mind such a serious illness." Nancy found out that Lok Jai likes to play with toy trains so she immediately promised to buy him one and offered a helping hand to Uncle Chi whenever he needs it because she can make appeals on her radio show. However, Uncle Chi bore an optimistic approach, saying that there is no need just now and everything is left in the hands of God.

Although his son is so ill, Uncle Chi daren't take any time off work. He says that he only has work for three or four months of the year and he is near unemployment, but he was still quite relaxed when he finished work yesterday. He also emphasises that the experience is a positive one because the family is facing it together, bringing them closer than ever. He also hopes that this incident will encourage people to face up to what life throws at them, because when things are out of you control then the greatest power is that of hope.

Lok Jai is currently in a stable condition and the treatment is going well. He has always been afraid of taking medicines, but he still remembers to say: "Thank you Mummy." making Man Yee feel comforted. Lok Jai is so smart that he is being a director in the hospital, leading all the children there, but he is very afraid of the nurses because he knows that means injections or medication. Uncle Chi praises the medical facilities as being very complete and understands why they use so much moeny on it every year. Looking after their son, he and his wife have lost a lot of weight, but they are very happy to have the support of so many people, friends and strangers alike have sent their wishes helping to boost their confidence.


Tiffany Lam hailed from a beauty contest anad in response to recent allegations about result fixing she says that she hasn't read the reports but she doesn't believe that there is a dark side. She says: "Before taking part, I did hear rumours about it being fixed, but now I can tell from experience that the contest is very fair otherwise I wouldn't have won the competition! Personally I wouldn't believe the rumours so easily because there are so many versions, it should all be put down to true experiences before judgement can be made."


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