Thursday, July 31, 2003

Series "Mo Ming Tin See 3D" (Nameless Angels 3D) was filming some location wirework in Yuen Long's Bat Heung yesterday and of the three main stars, only Charmaine was missing, with Shirley Yeung and Sonija Kwok accompanied by male co-star Mok Ka Yiu. Yesterday's weather was very hot and with the blazing sun in the sky, filming action shots for the two petite young ladies was very hard work, but as a gentleman Mok Ka Yiu really felt for them, praising the three of them for working extremely hard on the show and he didn't mind when the girls re-injured his old wound with their kicks.

Talking of action filming, Shirley is probably the most advantageous because her rumoured boyfriend's father Lee Ka Ding is the martial arts supervisor and so she can always turn to Gregory Lee for help, Shirley didn't directly respond to this comment as she replied: "If I needed help from him I would have asked already! I don't know if it's because the weather is too hot, but I have had a fever for the last two days so if I had the time I would rather go home and sleep." Sonija is the same, fighting every day until her arms and legs are exhausted so after work she is heading straight home to sleep.

In the show, the three girls play officers from the anti-terrorist activities squad and so there are naturally many fighting scenes. Mok Ka Yiu reveals that most of the time they do their own fighting scenes and he finds the girls are both courageous and hardworking and in comparison, he feels that Charmaine's skills are the best of the three, probably because she has filmed a lot of ancient costume dramas. However he agrees that for the three girls to have to wear all their heavy costumes and fight in them it is very hard work. He says: "In this wire scene today, there have been many takes and earlier, they kicked my hand and it has swollen up, but it is just an old injury."


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