Thursday, July 17, 2003

Responses from TVB Artistes about ICAC arrests

Every year, awards are given out by TVB at its anniversary celebrations and Jessica Hsuan has previously been awarded "My favourite Female Lead Award", but she is very reserved when talking about the award swapping and fixing of awards ceremonies, saying: "They say that every year, but I don't feel it is fixed, artistes have to show their talent before they get awards and they deserve them." When asked whether she has been arranged to appear at "dinner party functions" she says that apart from the annual artiste dinner she hasn't been forced to attend any such functions and the results she has today are from many years of hard work.

Cutie Mui is a good friend of Ho Lai Chuen and she says: "I shouldn't pass judgement at this time to be fair to those who are working to do their job, for those who must face the situation to face it, I will only silently support them. Mr Ho is a good person, charitable and down to earth so I will definitely support him!"

Hailing from the Miss Hong Kong pageant, Anne Heung says that she shouldn't say anything at this stage. She met Ho Lai Chuen during her Miss Hong Kong days and she feels he is a good person and hopes he will be alright.


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