Saturday, July 12, 2003

Reports are that TVB has secured the broadcasting rights to Real Madrid's Asia Tour matches in Beijing and Hong Kong and because the Beijing game is to be held on 2nd August on the same day as the planned Semi-Final for Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2003, so after much deliberation, TVB has decided to move the beauty contest to make way for Real.

TVB's Deputy Scheduling Manager Wong Ka Leung admitted that the Miss HK semi-final will be moved from 2nd August to 3rd August and the slot will be given to the Real Madrid game; however, he says that because the details of the broadcasting rights are still being discussed and the final rights have not yet been confirmed, but TVB have already scheduled the times for the 3rd August with the judges, performers and artistes so the changes can be implemented as soon as the rights are confirmed.

From a reliable source, it is revealed that the final decision will be revealed next Thursday and TVB would not only like the rights to Hong Kong's game, but also Japan, Beijing and Malaysia legs of the Asia Tour.

Yesterday a group of Miss HK contestants appeared at TV City and in response to the changes, many of them weren't too bothered about it as it gives them another day to practice. Also, number 2 Cho Man Li, 7 Wong Chung Hei and 11 Yeung Lok Ting all said they like Beckham a lot, so they don't mind changing.


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