Sunday, July 27, 2003

Recently there have been reports that Steven Ma's "New Princess Flower" album may have legal implications, but Steven responded to this when he appeared at an event, he said: "At the moment I am unsure of any new developments as it is in the hands of the company and I haven't been briefed, but the company has said that there is no problem with the lyrics. I fully respect Mrs Lau and the record company will be passing the information to her, it's probably just a misunderstanding."

When it was mentioned about TVB's prevention of artistes appearing on Cable, Steven says that he has a singer as well as actor contract with TVB. At the moment, Candy Lo is going against monopolisation, saying she may consider not signing again, when he heard this, Steven said: "Wow, so serious! I don't think it needs to be so serious, everything should be done peacefully. I am not standing up for TVB, but everyone's contract is different and it should be discussed in good time."

Steven points out that when he is away from Hong Kong in other countries, he will only speak in Mandarin: "I haven't been interviewed by Cable, maybe they understand my identity. (Will you take care not to breach your terms?) I will respect the contract conditions and I believe that TVB will not act on one or two mistakes that artistes will make, but this will have no effect on me anyway." He also laughs that his contract with TVB will be up next year so he will check through the relevant conditions then.


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