Monday, July 28, 2003

Recently there have been reports that TVB is planning to film a sequel to "Ngong Fu Sing Lung" (Square Pegs) and also considering the addition of Myolie Wu as a stupid girl. In response to this, she says that at the moment she hasn't had notification from the company but she is very excited about taking part in this show and that this role would be very challenging for her.

Yesterday during a radio interview, Myolie says that she and the rest of the cast of "Lut Ching San Yan Wong" (Survivor's Law) are all very happy with the ratings of 31 points and hearing the praises from the people in the street has touched her greatly. Recently she has been filming with Wong He in "Jui Wan Gau Yik" (Trading Souls) and in one scene, she had to hit him over 50 times. She says: "After hitting him so much, my hand swelled up and it wouldn't stop shaking and I think he had to go home and put on a few plasters."


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