Sunday, July 27, 2003

Recently appearing in TVB's show "Lut Ching San Yan Wong" (Survivor's Law), Sammul Chan appeared at a promotional event in Amoy Gardens wearing shades. It turns out that he had an accident with his eye, the other night after work, he was removing his contact lenses when suddenly his eye couldn't stop running but he put this down to his sensitive eyes and just went to sleep. The next day he couldn't open his eyes because it was so sensitive to the light and he was in great pain. After seeing the doctor, Sammul was told that he had injured his cornea and the injury is quite deep and near the pupil. Luckily the pupil itself hasn't been injured otherwise he would suffer blurry vision even after the injury has healed.

Sammul has about 300 degrees short sighted and he feels both unlucky and lucky because after the success of "Survivor's Law" he has had many more offers of work and many have already been scheduled and even with his injury he cannot turn them down and can only appear in shades. With the injury to his eye leaving him with "Big eye small eye" he doesn't know how he will be continuing with the info programmes he has been filming for TVB. The doctor indicates that he needs to rest for at least two weeks, but he is lucky this was just a small accident and he won't become "Blind Man Chan" as a result.


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