Saturday, July 19, 2003

Nancy Sit was filming an ad for Swallow-house Mooncakes yesterday, shooting both a TV ad and photo stills, she will be the company spokesperson for them for three years and she appeared in a japanese look and a healthy sexy look for her shoots.

Nancy also revealed that they have also produced a range of Mama Nancy bread, cookies and mooncakes. This year's mooncake ads will be one of two formats, one is Mama Nancy Sheung Ngor (Moon Fairy) look and another is a family-style look, but it hasn't been decided yet. However it will be very suitable for children because they will be adding chocolate to the mooncakes. As for the bread, it will have the image of Mama Nancy on it as she laughs: "Those who like me can always have me around, those who don't like me can just eat me!" When asked how much her salary was, Nancy says that as long as she is happy and satisfied with it and they have sincerity, so she immediately agreed to it and she will also have a share of the profits. The company will also be sponsoring a lot of promotions for her including those for "Gai Dai Foon Hei" (Virtues of Harmony).

The company's boss Mrs Lee reveals that they have offered Nancy a seven-figure sum because she herself is also a fan of Nancy's. Although Nancy is on a slimming programme and will be quite selective about which mooncakes to eat, she knows that Nancy likes to eat cheese-flavoured mooncakes so she will be producing these especially for her.


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