Monday, July 28, 2003

Nancy Sit appeared yesterday in Tin Shui Wai where she did a store opening for the cake shop that she represents, together with the lion dancing ceremony, she attracted a crowd of over a hundred people and the atmosphere was very lively. Earlier, Nancy had appeared in a kimono look to make an advertisement for these mooncakes and originally she had intended to appear with this look again but because she is afraid of the heat and everyone has already seen this look, so she changed her image again. In the past, all TV serials were not allowed to advertise any products, but because the government has recently relaxed these rules, companies wishing to promote their products can now buy airtime in the shows themselves and this bakery has won the contract for its mooncakes and bread to appear in "Gai Dai Foon Hei" (Virtues of Harmony II), so the cast in the show are always eating bread. Not just bread, the cast of "Virtues" have also been using 'White Flower Oil' for their headaches and will often go into the kitchen to use the tap because even water filters and drinks companies are offering sponsorship.

Will Nancy receive a big bonus for introducing such a big sponsor to the company? Nancy laughs: "I haven't discussed it, I will have to talk to the company. I feel that the product placement within the show is beneficial to both parties. (What if the artistes themselves are contracted to other products?) I am also sponsored by other products, so I will just have to be careful." Then she laughs again that she has a lot of little actions to show the products, but with so much advertisement aren't they afraid the show will just become an advertising feature? Nancy points out: "The effect is even greater than advertising, take for example, the whole cast of 'Virtues of Harmony' must all use the same sponsor's make of phone, otherwise they will have to refilm, so she wants to suggest to the sponsors to offer each cast member one of the latest models." With these perks, will she be getting paid more to be spokesperson? She laughs: "Yes!" As for the boss of the bakery Mrs Lee, she says that the advertisement as well as the copyright to enter into the series amounts to a seven figure sum per year.


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