Wednesday, July 23, 2003

"Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2003" is moving along fast amd yesterday ten contestants from the Kung Fu group and the Drama group were undergoing training in Broadcast City with Master Lee Fai and Louisa So, preparing for the semi-final performances. During this, number 10 Tam Ching Man was asked about Miss Pak's comments and she replied: "I personally believe that this happens because a friend in the foreign showbiz industry tells me that these things happen abroad, so if it happens there then it should happen elsewhere too!"

Although she agrees that there is some unfairness in beauty contests, Tam Ching Man insists she will not take part in this: "There are people who will do this, that's their business, I wouldn't do it because I have confidence and I feel that I will get results from hard work." Also as the daughter of an artiste, does number 7 Wong Chung Hei feel that she has had any favourable treatment? She says: "No, I feel that TVB has been very fair to all the girls and I don't feel any special treatment at all."

As for the five Kung Fu contestants, after some instruction from Lee Fai, everyone seems to be performing very convincingly, except for Number 7 Wong Chung Hei who is a little up in the air. She explains: "It isn't because I am mixed up, it is just my action is more difficult." It turns out that yesterday it was number 9 Lam Ngai Ying's 24th birthday so the girls all had a cake to celebrate with her, making her very happy.

Apart from this, the results of the "The Five Most Popular Contestants Vote" were announced to be Number 13 Sim Tak Ching, Number 15 Chan Yung Mui, Number 16 Kei Hau Kam, Number 18 Lee Sze Wan and Number 19 Au Yuen Ching.


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