Sunday, July 27, 2003

Miriam Yeung, Jordan Chan, Kelly Chen, Cerina De Graca and Eric Tsang all took part in a special promotional show yesterday where one of the games involved a chance of winning one of two apartments in China, one for the artistes and one for the audience. Cerina successfully won the apartment valued at HK$480,000 and she said: "I am so happy, this is the first time I have won such a valuable prize, I will definitely take everyone out for dinner."

During filming of the show, there was a small accident where in a part where they were playing with paper bangers. Playful Timmy Hung threw one at Eric Tsang's feet and when it exploded, it injured Eric's right foot resulting in him limping a little later.

When it was discussed about changes to TVB's contracts, Miriam Yeung responded: "I don't know, I will just have to be more careful, but they will warn me when I do interviews." She indicates that she hasn't filmed any promotional shorts for Cable and doesn't feel she will lose out on exposure by not being in contact with Cable, because there are still many other channels and she is used to this. When asked whether she feels that TVB are being very strict, she says: "When I signed my record company I also signed for TVB, so it doesn't really affect me."

Miriam also revealed that when she does media interviews, there are lots of microphones and she suddenly realised there was an ATV mic sign there, so she took the mic and gave it back to the ATV reporter. The TVB cameraman couldn't help laughing at her, but she felt that she couldn't be interviewed by ATV because that was taking things too far.


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