Monday, July 14, 2003

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Louis Koo and his relationship with TVB

With reports that Louis Koo will be leaving TVB at the end of the year, these reports will appear each time his contract is up for renewal with TVB's management company. Earlier, Gallen Lo left TVB to sign with Universe for the reason that he wanted to use their power to promote him in the film industry. Louis does not need to do this as he has a three year contract with China Star and TVB only take on the role as his manager.

During the last contract renewal, it was rumoured that he was still required to make one more series for TVB, but because of the non-stop filming of movies, Louis has not had the time to complete this contractual obligation. TVB treats Louis well and since the contract renewal, they have continuously allowed him to make "real money" in films. He is one of the new generation of audience pullers and if he were to return to TVB to make a series, a minimum of three months would be required and during this time, he would not be able to make movies. The pressure in making TV series is tough and in the tight scheduling of these three months as the lead player, he would not have much time to rest or take on any other filming work. With the additional time needed to recover, this could be extended to more than three months.

The salary that TVB can pay to artistes is not high, so for very popular stars, making TV shows is not economically attractive. For singers, they take a low wage to make series to keep their relations with the company good and help their singing careers, but Louis doesn't need this because his singing career is secondary.

The greatest advantage that TVB can offer Louis is that they organise all his work for him and not matter if he accepts or rejects the work, TVB will always act on his behalf. In the field of artiste management, TVB certainly outshines many other companies and is more structured. It would appear that TVB knows his worth and has not forced him to film any series, allowing him a great level of freedom.

There is still a great chance that Louis will stay with TVB because for him to create his own management company would involve many resources and skills that can only be found at TVB. Managing oneself would incorporate too many scrappy tasks and this could affect one's money-making potential. It is unclear where Louis' decision will rest, but one thing is sure that if he stays with TVB, then he will be demanding a very high level of working freedom in his contract.

Author: Kwok Huen Ching


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