Wednesday, July 16, 2003

[Ming Pao News]
In the raging storms of the entertainment industry, twenty two members of the business were arrested yesterday by the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) stirring heads in the circles and frightening many people. The Commission suspected that the employees of record companies and entertainment companies are offering bribes to the high administration of broadcasting companies to ensure the status of their singers and their songs in their popularity charts and therefore gaining awards in the "Jade Solid Gold" quarterly awards ceremonies. The investigation also called upon a further 26 people to assist in their enquiries. Among those arrested were: TVB's Assistant Chief of Production (Variety Shows) Ho Lai Chuen, "Jade Solid Gold"'s Producer Chan Ka Lun, EEG's President Yeung Sau Sing, Executive Directors Ng Yu and Fok Man Hei, Universal Records Hong Kong Managing Director Chan Siu Bo, Artiste Juno Mak, 5 Company Directors, Mak Siu Tong and Lee Chun. Among these Chan Ka Lun was accompanied back to TV City to gather evidence. In the space of a moment, the integrity of the music awards has been thrown into total disarray.

Many of EEG's artistes were among those who were requested to aid with the ICAC's enquiries, including Nicholas Tse. However Nic was not perturbed by this event as he continued to go and have some fun with Tsui Ho Ying and his friends on the water speedboating. When he was later quizzed by reporters about what had happened, he replied that he didn't want to talk about the matter.

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