Thursday, July 24, 2003

"Luen Ngoi Ji You Sik" (previously referred to as 'Freestyle Lovin' now officially named 'Aqua Heroes') held a promotional event at South Bay Hotel yesterday and among those present in their swimsuits were Bobo Chan, Theresa and Stephy from girl group 'Cookies' and a group of other young stars, but because most of them fall into the category of "Flat Chested" there weren't many surprises and the focus was turned on the male stars' muscular bodies such as Edwin Siu, Matt Yeung and Anthony Tang.

During the games, Edwin and the other guys suddenly lost their cool and threw the girls into the water one by one. Apart from Bobo who was doing an interview and Theresa who was nursing a leg injury, everyone else suffered a soaking. When Theresa was asked whether her misfortune had saved herself another misfortune, she said that she would rather have gone in, because watching from the poolside wasn't much fun. As for one of the victims Stephy, she said: "It's really terrible, all the water got into my nose and we aren't strong enough to get our own back."

Also, Edwin Siu indicated that when he was filming in his trunks a lot of the female actors were peering at him making him feel very awkward. He laughs: "The trunks were really small and I felt really naked and with ppl watching it felt really uncomfortable. (Who was the perviest one watching you?) They all did it!" As for Bobo Chan's recent rumours that the relationship between Edison Chen and Gillian rekindled leaving her as loser, she says: "You shouldn't really bother about what that magazine writes, they just back up their own guys." If the ratings are good, will she wear a bikini? She says: "Bikini's are too revealing and I don't have much of a figure, that would mean all my bad bits are seen by everyone, I'll have to think about it!".


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