Sunday, July 27, 2003

Lei Ka Yee recently took part in a slimming advertisement and hinted that she will soon be hosting a certain music show, this was later followed by rumours that she will soon be taking over the Jade Solid Gold host spot from Nnadia Chan, but after the news broke about the ICAC investigations, she quickly pulled out. Yesterday, the two ladies in question finally met on a radio broadcast with RTHK.

Nnadia says that she didn't read the relevant reports, but managed to hear from friends about this, she responded with a "not bothered" reaction and didn't feel awkward when she met with Lei Ka Yee. Nnadia says that JSG changes hosts from time to time anyway, but feels there is some chaos with the company recently so she daren't ask about it too much, moreover she will be releasing her new album next month.

Nnadia says candidly that she has already signed with Universal for a period of time and the reports about the corruption will have an effect. She had to leave early because she had another engagement, but at the request of the reporters, she was happy to wait ten minutes for Ka Yee so that they could have a photo taken together.

When Ka Yee saw Nnadia, she was not embarrassed at all because she feels that the reports were all just copying off each other, she feels she has no need to explain anything and will leave this to her management company to sort out. When she found out that Nnadia was waiting for her for ten minutes for a photo, Ka Yee asked everyone to thank Nnadia for her.


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