Monday, July 07, 2003

Last Tuesday's "7-1 Rally" affected the ratings for TVB and ATV significantly last week, with a fall in the 8:30 slot ratings but a rise in the news reports. The "6 o'clock news" reached 24 points and the late news at 11:30 reached 17 points for TVB. As for ATV, their current affairs programme rated 8 points on that day, proving that the viewers are very concerned about the news on the march.

The two channels released new series last week, TVB's "Better Halves" came in with an average of 27 points and ATV's "White Paper of Love" only managed 4 points; VOH stayed still from last week and "The W Files" climbed 1 point to an average of 29. Saturday's "JSG 2nd quarter selections was 17 points down on last weeks "Fate Twisters" finale with only 21 points.


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