Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Joyce Tang, Joe Ma, Victoria Jolly, Chan Man Chi and Mok Ka Yiu were among those at the costume tryout for new show "Sum Fong, Sum Yuk, Juk Gor Juk" (Movements of the Heart) and Joyce indicated that because Joe Ma's height is too tall for her, she has had to search out the highest heels in Hong Kong to film scenes with him in a contest of height. In the show, Joyce and Joe have a lot of loving scenes as they have a romance as well as a contest of acting ability. Joe is once again the lead male in this show and seems to be promoted lately by TVB, he says: "I am very happy to have this opportunity." He says that his roles in the past are mainly professional people, but this time he plays a very chauvinistic village head that should bring a fresh feel for everyone.

Victoria Jolly dressed rather seductively in this fitting and may well appear in a bikini, she says she doesn't mind, but is just afraid that reporters visiting the set might accidentally take some untasteful photos. Even her on-screen love interest Mok Ka Yiu laughs: "She's so lovely, I am afraid I won't be able to hold myself back." When she was asked if her appeal would create some natural reactions in the male artistes, she laughs: "We are all colleagues and friends, that won't happen!"


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