Thursday, July 10, 2003

Joyce Coi and Lung Koon Tin's Cantonese Opera troupe had two shows and in his capacity as student to Lung and good friend of Joyce, Steven Ma appeared to show his support and present them with flowers and gifts.

In the first night's curtain call, Steven took three bouquets of flowers up to the principle players Lung, Joyce and Ng Mei Ying and on the second night, he took a little horse for Joyce and a football player toy for his mentor.

Joyce was very pleased with her two nights' performances, especially as there was no competition between the opera singers. Lung mentioned that Steven is a very thoughtful person because when he took up the studentship, he gave him a foot massager.

This is the first time that Steven's mentor has worked with his good friend, so he feels it is a great occasion and came to watch it twice. He says he has gained a lot from it and this will be a great help to his own performance. He says it is hard to become a successful Cantonese Opera star, so he is pleased at their great show.

(report summarised)


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