Friday, July 25, 2003

Jessica can't resist the temptation of cheesecake and turns into 'Fat' Li Fa

Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma were filming a fighting scene for "Fan Li Fa" in Lychee Gardens yesterday, but the two leading stars had very different treatment, as most of Jessica's action shots were done by a stunt double as she sat and watched to one side, whereas Joe had no double and had to grit his teeth and bear the heat and the sweat in his heavy ancient costume.

Because of the intensely hot weather and there are many outdoor location shots in "Fan Li Fa", Jessica says that whilst filming it has been hot and hard work and many of the extras are suffering from heat stroke. Has she lost weight through this? She says: "I haven't lost weight, actually I am getting fatter and my colleagues are referring to me as 'Fat' Li Fa!" [Artistic licence on translation exercised by Em for effect] The culprit for this is Mimi Lo. Jessica says: "Every week, Mimi will make all sorts of different cheesecakes for everyone and there are all sorts and they are too tasty, so I am getting fat!"

This show will finish filming at the end o the month and Jessica can finally take a rest. Will Jessica be going away for a holiday? She reveals: "Later I will be going to work in Thailand and spend a few days there! Actually there won't be much of a rest after filming there, but at least it won't be as hard work as filming series. With all this outdoor location filming, I have really tanned a lot, so the first thing I do when I finish work is to have a whitening facial and sort my face out."


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