Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Jessica and Joe Brave the Summer Sunshine to Film a Riding Scene for Fan Li Fa

[Oriental Daily 21/7/03]
Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma were filming a riding scene for TVB's new show "Fan Li Fa" yesterday at Broadcast City and although there was a typhoon signal number 1, the weather was still very hot and they wore thick ancient costume in the sunshine as they poured with sweat.

However the two did not complain about the discomfort at all as they combined pleasure with work as Jessica loves animals and knows how to communicate with them as she often gently patted the horses on their backs and whispered to them, no wonder they are so obedient to her! Joe was much busier than Jessica because his horse was more active and wouldn't stay still, so he had to take the horse in circles all the time.

Jessica indicated that in the intense heat, even the horses would have heat stroke, so every time she is out filming she will bring with her all her essentials, such as an ice box and parasol and continuously drink water just in case of sunstroke.

Liu Kai Chi also has a part in this show and Jessica saw reports about his son's illness on the internet yesterday and she felt really bad about it. She says that at work, she had mentioned to Uncle Chi about his three sons and he seemed very happy and it is hard to believe that not long later something like this will happen, she hopes that his son will recover very soon. Jessica praises that Uncle Chi is very professional and will never let his personal emotions affect his work, so during filming no-one has noticed anything different about him.

As for Joe Ma, he says that he has very little interaction in the show with Uncle Chi, but when he heard the news about his son having leukaemia, he was also unhappy and hopes that Uncle Chi's son will soon be well and get better.


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