Friday, July 18, 2003

"Jade Solid Gold"'s replacement producer Wong Ka Leung

Although the producer of "Jade Solid Gold" is currently assisting the ICAC with its enquiries, but the show continues its filming and is being produced by Wong Ka Leung, inviting Miriam Yeung and Steve Wong on as guests. As for the recent incidents, Miriam says: "I don't know what happened, so before things are clear I really shouldnt comment. (Do you think there are untoward happenings?) It's all very sensitive, no point in talking about it now. (Have you experienced it personally?) I am a singer, I really dont want to talk about it, all I can say is it is difficult to keep sales levels constant." Last year she was awarded 'Most Popular Female Singer' award, is she afraid her position will be compromised? She says: "I'm not worried about it, the sales and reactions are the best evidence, but I was very shocked about this news when I heard about it."

Steve says: "You should have expected I have nothing to say, no-one knows the truths and untruths, all we know is that there were arrests but we don't know if they were guilty. I hope it was all a misunderstanding. If there was such an incident then the ICAC has acted correctly. If there is corruption then a place cannot progress. (Has this ever happened to you?) I don't have that kind of luck, no-one dares invest money on me. There are many ways [of promotion] I would not use this method, talent is much more important. (How is your record company?) There are a lot of people who are assisting in enquiries, the company (Universal Records) is very honest so it should be okay. (Have you called Chan Siu Bo?) No, I am really busy so I just do my own work and moreover I am not clear about the administration so I won't really concern myself over it."

Since the ICAC's operation, yesterday was the first episode of "JSG" to be filmed but Steve says there was no awkwardness during filming. Usually he rarely goes back to Universal so he won't be nosey about other people's business or go and ask about it to find out more, he also doesn't believe this is happening. As host, Jerry Lamb went through his script as usual with Nnadia Chan and the atmosphere was no different. when asked whether there was any effect with a different producer, he says that it is the same as Mr Tung without Ms Yip and Mr Tsang at his side [ref: Hong Kong political shake up] then it cannot be said there is no effect, but the effect is not that great.


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