Wednesday, July 02, 2003

In the past, Nnadia Chan has been the idol of many a young child as "Big Sister Chung Chung" as she portrayed an inward and outward image of being innocent and reserved, as she grows up, Nnadia no longer has that 'girl next door' air about her and has changed her image to become a feminine, alluring beauty, joining the slimming leagues and proclaiming that sensuality is a mode of artistry.

Nnadia has been in the business for 18 years, always portraying a good girl image, but recently she has taken on the role of spokesperson for a slimming company and undertaken a six and a half week course tha has lost her 18 lbs, so with such a fit figure, she is no longer wrapped up as she shows off her slim waist and beautiful legs to everyone as she hits her thirties. She says: "I have been out filming these past couple of years and I understand that the competition among artistes is great, I feel that being sexy is a way of expressing oneself and I am 33 years old, so it's not a problem any more!"

Nnadia appeared on a slimming special on TVB and told viewers about her plump lower half before the treatment and hopes that they can share with her the feeling of the slimming and the joy of no longer having to cover up and the great gain in confidence this has brought. Nnadia also invited her on-screen buddies Wayne Lai, Michael Tong and Yip Man Fai as guests to discuss the before and after of her treatment and their views towards her change of image.


Bobby Au-Yeung appeared at a promotional event for an anti-snoring product yesterday and boss Marianne Chan indicated that since Bobby began promoting her product, sales have risen threefold so although he has only signed to be representative for one year, she will give him a lifetime's supply of this product.

Yesterday, Bobby told of the problems he had with his snoring and the MC asked him whether snoring ever affected his sex life, Bobby replied a little shocked: "I wouldn't sleep half way and then wake up for that!" Marianne stepped in to help him out of a sticky situation, saying that there are clinical reports that say that sex life can be affected. Bobby laughs that even if this is lowered, it won't affect him too much, he just feels that snoring will make him more aggressive.

Bobby indicated that his snoring is very noisy and although his wife hasn't complained, he knows that this keeps her up and he feels very guilty and awkward about it. He says the most embarrassing is on a plane, where his snoring shakes the room, so now his snoring has stopped then he is very happy.


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