Thursday, July 03, 2003

A group of artistes from TVB's new show "Better Halves" including Steven Ma, Cerina De Graca, Auguste Kwan and producer Mui Siu Ching took part in Nancy Sit's radio show at Metro Radio. Steven laughed that during filming, he often had to wear a set of golden coconuts and he casually slung them around his neck and held them up with his hands in order to create a funny picture. Because this is an ancient costume drama, he wasn't sure if this was appropriate, so he checked out the company's opinions and it was agreed there was no problem with this.

Earlier, Steven had missed a promotional event because of illness, during his stay in hospital, Joyce Coi and Maggie Cheung called him to see if he was okay and still alive! The joke continued after he left hospital when they said it was nice to see him still in this realm.

This was the first time that Cerina had taken part in a series, she feels that there is still room for improvement with her Cantonese, however this experience has made her fall in love with filming and she would like to do more ancient dramas. Cerina says: "I am not afraid of hard work, even if I have to fight, it's okay!" She also praises her colleagues, saying that they treat her really well and she has made many good friends, but she points out that she has had no love affairs: "I don't have the intention to start dating yet, because my career is more important."


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