Thursday, July 10, 2003

Florence Kwok has recruited Cutie Mui as spokesperson for her restaurant and Cutie took three hours to set her hair into a little lamb girl to make the ad. Cutie says she really likes eating lamb and this restaurant specialises in lamb dishes so it is just to her taste. Plus sheep are a lucky charm for her.

Recently she was criticised by her assistant about five things including not getting paid and a ban on dating. Cutie indicated that the case has been passed to the employment department to deal with, but she doesn't know how this happened. She says: "I have been in the business for so long, this is just a laughable incident and I don't need to respond to it. Learn from your mistakes, I will be more careful in the future." She reveals that they have terminated their co-operation on 24th of last month and she doesn't have an assistant at the moment, but will find another one soon. When asked why her assistant despised her so muc, she says that they have worked together for four months and seemed to be good friends and colleagues, she admits she is not a super nice person, but she will not hurt people. This incident is down to a difference of opinions about work and she terminated her contract legally.

Feeling that she has not done any wrong at any step, she says she will go and sort it out with the employment department and respect their decision. She doesn't want to talk too much about the other person because she feels the matter should be dealt with maturely. When asked if she will have proper contracts when she next employs someone, she says that she thought that a verbal agreement was the same as a contract and she feels that she is not worried about affecting her reputation, seeing it as a test.


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