Thursday, July 03, 2003

Flora Chan was filming yesterday for "Fei Chui Yan Sang" (former working title "Yuk Yuen" - Jade Destiny) in a car crash scene together with Damian Lau, Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng, where the story tells of Damian seeing Flora being hit by a light goods vehicle. As the director is using some special effects in this, Flora has no risk of any danger at all in this scene that only requires her to throw herself onto a crash mat and also fall onto the road. Except that the road has been heated up so much by the strong sunshine that it made it quite hard work for her.

Flora reveals that when she was young in America, she broke her pelvis in a car crash that meant she couldn't move for two or three months. Not only did her father have to wash her hair for her, he also had to employ a tutor to keep her up with her studies. She says: "Although I was only a few years old at the time, the impression is very deep as the medics cut through my favourite blue trousers and scared me by saying that if I didn't give a urine sample, I would have an injection. My mum and dad were very worried and were with me all the time." After growing up, she has been in three more crashes, but each time she has been saved by her seat belt, so when she sees children not wearing them, she will sound her horn to alert them.

As well as this, regarding reports that Flora was frowning when she heard that Moses Chan was "King of Lady-killers", she responds: "Why would I frown about this, do you believe that? I'd be happy for Moses, four-part love affairs... seems like a promotional stunt for his new show. Moses is tall and handsome and that's why he has been branded "Lady Killer", he is a good man and I hope this will not affect people's impressions of him."

Niki Chow is happier than she expected to be with her first time filming a series, where she plays Damian's daughter, she never imagined him to be so much fun. The best thing is that Damian is teaching her how to act, so off camera, she still refers to him as "Dad".


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