Friday, July 18, 2003

Evon Yung has plenty of work at the moment, leaving for Hangzhou today to film TVB's new series "Dai Tong Seung Lung Chuen" (Double Dragons of the Tang) for a proposed four months, but leaving the crew for a short time to film CCTV's "Hong Ding Ching Go" with Sze Kam Go Wa and Hu Jin. Afterwards she will be heading off to America as a guest performer for Miss Chinese International.

With a few days freedom, Evon has been working out, meeting Dodo Cheng at the gym. Because they are both of Sichuan origins, Evon asked Dodo whether she can speak Sichuan and then they went for a hotpot together. Evon praises Dodo's acting talents because ever since she was young, she has always seen Dodo as her idol.


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