Monday, July 21, 2003

Em's note: Not really TVB related (okay you can argue that Hacken is TVB artiste/host) but I don't like to disappoint my readers, so here is a quick Hacken article for you!

Hacken Lee's contract with Universal Records ends at the end of the year and there are rumours that Go East want him to join them, creating some conflict with their No 1 star Andy Hui. Hacken appeared at Kelly Chen's concert as guest star and mentioned that there are record companies in negotiation at the moment, but he says he will give priority to Universal. His only stipulation to them would be that he wants to release a Mandarin album and he says that it is all down to Chan Siu Kei's sincerity. He goes on to joke that if he doesn't agree to a Mandarin album release, he can continue drinking his coffee. [Referral to ICAC case.]

(report summarised)


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