Monday, July 14, 2003

Damian Lau, Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng were filming on location yesterday in the intense hot weather for "Fei Chui Yan Sang" (Jade Destiny) and they ended up drenched in sweat. Damian and Niki had an emotional scene where she had to hug him and cry and then not long later she was laughing and joking with Hon Ma Li, it's hard to believe that she can handle her emotional scenes so well on this, her first TV series.

In the show, Damian play's Niki's father and the story tells of how he is in hospital due to an injury and they overcome their differences and make up with each other. Of course, with Damian's many years of experience, this was no obstacle to him, but for Niki's first time she was just as focussed and cried on cue without the need for eyedrops, no wonder that Damian praises her acting talents. Niki wipes away her tears and then changes her costume for the graduation scene where she is instructed by the director to beam happily, she laughs this is enough to turn her into a schizophrenic.

Damian mentioned that this father-daughter reunification is the critical point in the show and during filming he was always offering tips to Niki and when asked how he felt about the new star, Damian says modestly: "I can't even control myself! Niki's talent is quite high and she knows what acting is all about. All we want is the show to do well, so we share experiences, you can't take them to the grave!" He and Niki hugged very tightly, so he was asked whether she was good to hug, he laughs: "All ladies are good to hug!"

When Niki heard Damian's words, she was very happy, saying: "Thanks to him! It was him bringing me into the scene, he is a good opposite." As for the feelings between the two scenes as they hugged for the camera, she says: "They were very different, one was with the feeling of a dead mother and was very warm and loving and the other was a happy hug. I prefer the crying scenes because they are easier to get into."

Kevin Cheng is naturally quite sweaty, so on the day, he wore a few vests to soak up his sweat, he laughs: "Making this show has made me like a thief, it is a rare chance to learn from Damian as he likes to teach his juniors, so it's like I am holding him up with a knife for his goods, grabbing as much as I can get!" When the rumours about him and Niki are discussed, he explains that Niki has an assistant so she doesn't need him to get rice for her. He feels that rumours are a measure of your popularity, so as long as it isn't over the top, it's okay and in the two years he has returned to TVB this has been the first occasion.


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